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Traditional Greek costumes for girls, LIBERTY the costume consists of : dress, ribbon, Garland,this price is valid until the stock will be sold , then can be produced again in higher price , minimum 20 pieces , please email us from region Greek National Holidays more similar costumes GREECE ,PONTOS GREY BOY ,ALI PASAS ,GENITSAROS ,NURSE ,ITALIAN SOLDIER ,RIGAS FERAEOS ,GERMAN SOLDIER,EPIRUS BOY ,ANCIENT GREEK GIRL ,MIAOULIS,SARAKATSANOS BOY ,LIBERTY ,CRETE BOY ,PAPAFLESSAS ,MANTO MAVROGENOUS ,BUBULINA,PONTOS BOY BLACK ,PAL.PATRON GERMANOS ,MANIATIS BOY ,PAVLOS MELAS ,ATHANASIOS DIAKOS ,KLEFTOPOULO ,CRETE BOY ,PONTOS BOY BLACK ,KANARIS ,CRETE GIRL ,PONTOS BOY GREY ,THRACE BOY , all handmade in Greece by Stamco, high quality garments

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Greek National HolidaysLIBERTY

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the costume consists of
• dress
• ribbon
• Garland
•this price is valid until the stock will be sold
• then can be produced again in higher price
• minimum 20 pieces
• please email us

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for costumes out of stock please contact us and we will produce (minimum 5 pieces) within 2-3 weeks we can modify the costume and use any fabric of our collection or embroider using designs from our traditional embroidery collection

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March 25, 1821 (National Day) The 25th of March is one of our two National Days. On this day we honor the heroes of the revolution of 1821. Those heroes who gave their lives so that our country is a free country. From 29 May 1453, after the fall of Constantinople, and for four centuries the Greeks lived under Turkish occupation. Many of the Greeks of the time she could not bear the Turks and had taken refuge in the mountains. These were the leaders of the revolution. On March 25, 1821 in the Maximum single Lavra in Kalavryta, Bishop Germanos of Patras Veterans, raised the banner of revolt. Then officially began the Greek Revolution, which led after many struggles and sacrifices, liberalization and recognition of the Greek state in 1830 with the Treaty of London. Treaty signed on 22 January 1830 in England, France and Russia. Two years later, on August 14, 1832, defined the borders of Greece to reach the imaginary line that ends Pagasitikos and Amvrakikos bay. In December of that year accepted the Ottoman Empire that decision and then start the process of new Greek state. The celebration of March 25 as a national holiday was established by Decree 980, on March 15, 1838. That same year became the first official celebration. Thanksgiving was celebrated in the church of Agia Irini Street Aeolus. Crowds had gathered and among them were fighters of the revolution, who deified. After thanksgiving, feasting erected in the square Klafthmonos. At night they lit bonfires on the Acropolis. Lycabettus Hill was set afire one cross, bearing the words In this you do not. From then on March 25, is celebrated every year as a day of tribute to the heroes of the revolution of 1821. October 28, 1940 On October 28, 1940, three oclock in the morning, the Italian ambassador in Athens following the orders of Mussolini visited the residence of the then Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas an ultimatum presented. In this, no more - no less, the Italian dictator sought to understand the army of Italy several strategic points in Greece, making it a protectorate of another axis. Ioannis Metaxas rejected the ultimatum by the phrase Well, this means war! Position capturing the feeling of all Greeks. The Italian ultimatum was in complete sequence of the actions of both Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, across Europe and Africa. He had also earlier on August 15, 1940 the torpedoing of Ellis, Greek warship which was in the port of Tinos, an Italian submarine, but the propaganda of Italian newspapers that Greek forces acted aggressively controlled by Mussolini, Albania. On the morning of October 28 Ioannis Metaxas addressed the Greek people through the radio. In the proclamation of this says: The moment that epesti agonisthomen for the independence of Greece, integrity and honor. Although etirisamen the strictest neutrality and equal to all, Italy is not for us to recognizing that we might live as free Greeks asked me today the 3rd proinin hour delivery is part of the national territory in the individual and that this lib to katalipsin such that movement of troops will irchize the 6th proinin. Replied to him that I Presveftin Italy and the request itself and the manner in which this is done as kiryxin war in Italy against Greece. Greeks will now apodeixomen if we are indeed worthy of our forefathers and the freedom which our forefathers exisfalisan us. Across the nation will stand united. Agonisthite for the Fatherland, wives, our children, and our sacred traditions Tash. Now the struggle for everything.
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