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Greek costumes for women,NORTH AEGEAN WOMAN the costume consists of : waistcoat , brocade dress , shirt , trousers , head piece buckle & necklace are sold separately from region Aegean Islands,Cyclades more similar costumes SAMOS ISLAND ,CYCLADES GIRL ,CYCLADES EMBROIDERY ,CYKLADES MAN EMBROID,LEMNOS LIMNOS AEGEAN,CYCLADES WITH EMBROI,NORTH AEGEAN WOMAN ,AEGEAN ISLANDS EMBR.,LEMNOS KEHAGIAS ,AEGEAN ISLAND GIRL ,AEGEAN ISLANDS WOMAN,AEGEAN ISLANDS MAN ,SPORADES NORTH AEGEA,XIOS PYRGI WOMAN ,CYCLADES WOMAN,SAMOS ISLAND ,MYKONOS WOMAN ,KYKLADES MAN ,LEMNOS KEHAGIAS ,AEGEAN ISLAND GIRL , all handmade in Greece by Stamco, high quality garments

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the costume consists of
• waistcoat
• brocade dress
• shirt
• trousers
• head piece buckle & necklace are sold separately

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for costumes out of stock please contact us and we will produce (minimum 5 pieces) within 2-3 weeks we can modify the costume and use any fabric of our collection or embroider using designs from our traditional embroidery collection

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Traditional costumes from Aegean Islands, Mykonos, Chios, Limnos. Rich fabrics and harmonious, vibrant colors! National costumes in many variations, great variety and excellent quality.
Aegean Sea called the maritime area of the eastern Mediterranean between Greece and A. M. Asia, sometimes called Archipelago. Has an area of ​​240.000 km2. and a maximum depth of 2.249 m between Crete and the Cyclades. Largest city of the département is Rhodes. It was the birthplace of the Aegean civilization. According to legend, the name comes from Aigaia, king of Athens and father of Theseus, who fell and drowned in the waters of the sea from the temple of Poseidon at Sounion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Kiosse Konstantina
52050 Mesopotamia
Kastoria Greece
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All costumes are handmade in Kastoria Greece.

Wear your costume with pride.

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