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AMALIA BROCADE SKIRT The costume consists of : a jacket and a fez , made of velvet, a shirt and a skirt. The necklace and the buckle are sold separately. from region Amalia Evzonas Tsolia more costumes like: TEGEA WOMAN ,MEGARA GIRL ,TSOLIAS BOY RED ,AMALIA CHILDREN ,ARMATOLOS KLEFTOYRIA,

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amalia Evzonas TsoliaAMALIA BROCADE SKIRT

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The costume consists of
• a jacket and a fez
• made of velvet
• a shirt and a skirt
• The necklace and the buckle are sold separately

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for costumes out of stock please contact us and we will produce (minimum 5 pieces) within 2-3 weeks we can modify the costume and use any fabric of our collection or embroider using designs from our traditional embroidery collection

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Through the historical action EVZONON battalions, the Evzones have become symbols of bravery for the Greek people. Nowadays, Evzones called soldiers of the Presidential Guard, who perform missions symbolic, with central storage of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. The history of EVZONON battalions (later constitutions) began in 1867 with the establishment of four battalions, each of which had four lochon organizational strength. Central task was to guard the frontier. In 1868 he was added to each battalion Evzoni and fifth company. The initial composition of these battalions consisted of volunteers, soldiers or sergeants, who usually came from mountainous areas. The glorious action EVZONON battalions during the Balkan Wars was the catalyst leading Evzones take conscience of the Greek people, the image of heroes. Intense action had EVZONON squads and during the rest of the armed conflicts of the 20th century in which he was involved, the Greek army (Asia Minor Campaign, First and Second World War). Since 1914, as a separate unit Evzoni up the Palace Guard. The title has been changed several times since then (Flag Guard, Guard Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Royal Guard, Presidential Guard). The current name is Presidential Guard, which was attributed in 1974, after the collapse of the dictatorship of Papadopoulos. Very special place in the history of guilds EVZONON holds 5/42 Constitution Evzoni, mainly due to the action during the Asia Minor Campaign. Beyond efficacy during the first military operations, the Constitution has acquired fame for his action after the collapse of the Greek front and the disintegration of the Greek army in August 1922). More specifically, under the leadership of Governor Nikolaos Plastiras, the 5/42 Constitution Evzoni arrived perfectly coordinated in Cesme, they diaperaiothike the island of Chios. During the Second World War, Evzoni battalions were established by decisions of the occupying government Ralli, collaborated with the German occupying forces. The clearly negative term assigned by the Greek people to Evzones that period are germanotsoliades . The action of EVZONON guilds that period resulted in dissolution after the liberation of Greece in 1944. Since then, Evzones have only a symbolic role and tasks in ritual. The Evzones Evzone today with a summer outfit at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with a summer outfit Evzone at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Today Evzones run only shipments ritual. The best known is the symbolic retention of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, located in Syntagma Square, next to the Greek Parliament. But there Evzoni purposes and the Presidential Palace and the gate of the camp of the Presidential Guard. other obligations Evzoni are: official raising and lowering of the Greek flag on the Acropolis. It takes place every Sunday. The honors to the President of the Republic and foreign heads of state. The honors to the ambassadors of foreign states during credentials to the President of the Republic. Evzones also accompany every time the Holy Light, the journey from Jerusalem to Athens. Participation in the accompaniment of the Holy Light is considered the highest honor for a Evzones. Finally, last year the 25 March each year, part Evzoni participate in celebrations of American expatriates making parade on 5th Avenue in New York. The attire Evzone The Evzones is internationally renowned for clothes flying. The Evzone attire appears in paintings depicting ARMATOLON thieves and the period of Ottoman rule. From 1821 officially established as the uniform of all captains and fighters of the Revolution of 21. Separate piece of formal attire Evzone, while national symbol, is the foustanela. Changing of the guard program Evzoni the Monument of the Unknown Soldier Changing of the guard program Evzoni the Monument of the Unknown Soldier There are a plethora of symbolism attributed to the characteristics of broadband uniform. For example, the number of skirts beside her rumored to be equal to the duration (in years) of the period of Ottoman rule, ie 400. `Despite this, fustanellas flying nowadays Evzones rarely have exactly 400 pleats. The other parts that make up the Evzone uniform is: Farias (or clans). Is the hat Evzones. The Faris has red color and is made of felt. In place of the front bears the Greek national emblem. Feature piece Faris is the long black tassel, made of silk. Its shape is thought to symbolize the tears of Christs Crucifixion. Likened to the Turkish fez, although for obvious reasons the Greek side avoids correlation. The shirt. It is white in color and has features wide sleeves. The white color that dominates throughout Evzone outfit are thought to symbolize the purity of the national struggle. The fermeli. Is the vest Evzones. It is the most difficult, for its construction of broadband piece suit. It has white and gilt thread with illustrated plans folkloric significance. One of these is the original X and O, which is considered to correspond to the words Christian and orthodox. Evzoni array: the distinguished foustanela, the Evzone socks, garters and tsarouhia Array Evzoni: the distinguished foustanela, the Evzone socks, stockings and socks tsarouhia. It is white and made of wool. Each Evzone bring two socks on each foot. The socks are based on the average of Evzone under the foustanela, using a leather band named elevation in the same way they function and suspenders. The garters. It is black and made of silk. The shoes. Are the shoes Evzones. It is red in color and made of leather. In the shoe soles are nailed each about 60 nails, which are responsible for impressive sound heard at the pace of a Evzones. On average, each tsarouchi weighs three pounds. Typical piece of Tsarouchis are black tassels which end their noses. Assumed that the primary use was to hide in these small sharp objects that could injure surprise the enemy in one `melee` battle. The leather bandoliers. The Evzone outfit described above is the official version. The Evzones to keep the Monument of the Unknown Soldier bring this outfit only on Sundays or during national holidays. The rest have Evzone everyday attire. In it, the white shirt, and fermeli foustanela replaced by doulama, the typical outfit of the fighters of the Macedonian Struggle. The winter Doulamas is dark blue, while the summery light brown. In ceremonial events of the Presidential Guard, some Evzones bring traditional costumes of Crete and Pontos, in recognition of the contribution of these regions in the national competitions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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